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Improve your logical skills! Your fridge is your game board. Pick the necessary letters and compose a word. Images and magnets will help you find the right answer! Solve riddles by a mysterious author!

Play with friends by creating new puzzles and putting them on their fridges. Be prepared to receive a puzzle in return, though.

Genre: Word

Available on: iOS, Android, Facebook

36 languages: English, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Dutch, German, Lithuanian, Greek, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Estonian, Latvian, Catalan, Turkish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Malay, Filipino, Vietnamese, Belarusian, Icelandic, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Irish, Welsh


+ Free game
+ Simple rules
+ English and 35 other languages
+ Hundreds of words, images and magnets
+ Play with friends or random players
+ Boosters, a mini-game and a lot more

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